Our Support Approach


Active Support at ARK involves helping people to be actively, consistently, and meaningfully engaged in their own lives regardless of their support needs.

• To Be Engaged  :  Doing things; Participating; Spending time with others; Making decisions; Making choices.
• Actively              :  Each day; Through-out the day, whenever there is an opportunity;
• Consistently      :  With approaches that provide enough structure and predictability that people experience comfort, continuity, gaining a better ability to be engaged;
• Meaningfully     : In ways that increase competence and opportunity; that help people be and stay connected to others (socially); that provide enhanced esteem; that are focused on the needs, preferences, and goals of the person.

Support Approach

  •  Individual Learning and Positive Support Strategies.
  • Starts from the point of view of the individual and they are an active and ongoing partner in their options.
  • Focus on engagement, choice, and opportunities for personal development.
  • Ark Team planning to be led by ongoing observation, assessment and feedback, ensuring all preparation is based on each individual’s needs and expectations.
  • Making it enjoyable.
  • Ensure it suits their circumstances and is accessible to them.
  • Provide valuable engagement opportunities both in structured and non-structured time.
  • Plan for personal growth and new opportunities.
  • All people are participating as a team.
  • Strives for a positive impact on how an individual feels and helping them to maintain this.